Oribotics [lab] Technical

Oribotics [lab] Technical

The following information is for exhibitors / galleries / festivals, regarding the requirements for showing oribotics.

The information is indicative of what is required for a show. The installation is very flexible and can be shown in a range of scales / formats / complexities.

If you have further questions contact [email protected]

Installation Diagram PDF


Oribotics installation: 3 days with artist & 2 crew/assistants

Sound installation: 1 day with sound tech.



2 x crates [140 x 100 x 40cm, approx weight 40kg ] for oribots

All oribots are shipped and packed into custom made crates, these may be kept in storage with no heavy objects placed onto the crates.


3 x apple mac mini computers, pack into original packaging. May travel with artist.



Technical & Exhibition Requirements


15 x oribots (artist to supply)

3 x oribot power adapters & power cables (artist to supply)

Oribotics toolbox (artist to supply).


3 x apple mini macs (artist to supply)

1 x airport express wireless router (artist to supply)


1 x monitor - Flat screen wall mountable preferred.


http access, via ethernet or wireless access.


4 channel stereo mixer

3 x 1m stereo mini jack to RCA cables (for computer to mixer)

8 speakers, positioned evenly around the rooms perimeter

Speaker cabling

Projection & mounting points

3 x data projectors (1800+ ANSI lumens)

3 x ceiling or rig mounting points for projectors, with 45º mirrors

3 x 20m VGA cables

Secure room for computer/controlling hardware

Mains power supply

Small desk/table for computers, and mixer.


Darkened 50 sq metre area (preferred approximate area 10 x 5m sq)

The installation is flexible, and can be adapted to suit a variety of spaces. Oribots are shown in multiples of 5.


Domestic power supply is sufficient

Extension leads