Oribotics A brief history

Oribotics A brief history

A brief history of Oribotics

Oribotics is Matthew Gardiner's ongoing art/science work that fuses the ancient art of origami with robotic technology.

The core idea of the work carries on in each generation, that of pure oribotics, as self folding material.

The first oribot by the artist Matthew Gardiner was made during an artists residency in 2003, at the Latrobe Regional Art Gallery. The project was prototyped using a Lego Mindstorms kit, some rubber bands and a sheet of cardboard. Since then the technology use to create the works has evolved significantly. The artist is currently using 3D printing, moulding, laser cutting, and hand-craft fabrication techniques to produce oribotic kinetic sculptures.

Generations of oribots:


  • Oribotics [in]
    2010, Linden Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

  • Oribotics [robodays]
    2009, Robodays, Odense Denmark

  • Oribotics [de]
    2009, Kunstlerdorf Schoppingen, Germany

  • Arbots 2008
    September 2008, Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

  • Oribotics [SLQ]
    April - June 2008, Oribotics [SLQ], State Library of Queensland, Infozone Residency.

  • Oribotics [network]
    November 2007, Federation Square, Melbourne International Arts Festival

  • Oribotics [laboratory]
    November 2006, Shepparton Regional Art Gallery, SheppARTon Festival

  • Oribotics [laboratory]
    August 2006, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Materials and Technique: Paper

  • Oribotics [laboratory]
    March-April 2006, Taree Regional Art Gallery, Unnatural Selection

  • Oribotics [laboratory]
    December 2005, Nellie Castan Gallery, Paper

  • Oribotics [laboratory]
    November 2005, Asialink Centre, Melbourne University

  • Oribotics 2004
    2005, Brakke Grande, Amsterdam, Victorian Circus (with Dorkbot Ghent)

  • Oribotics 2004
    September 2004, Newcastle Regional Art Gallery, Electrofringe

  • Oribotics 2004
    May 2004, Uplands/TCB Gallery, Next Wave Festival

Oribotics A brief history

Learn about the origins and history of Oribotics, dating from 2004, including a list of exhibitions and world premiers of Oribotics.

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