Neben der Nibelungenbrucke

Neben der Nibelungenbrucke

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Festival, late, Golden Nicas delivered. A mixed hoard spill into Linz; eclectic electric musicians chattering in nihongo, intro-and-extro-verted artists and friends not seen for an age for the tyranny of distance. Drawn involuntarily to places Warmer and happier than Hans im Glück, to a lone Würstlstand in Linz. Perhaps beside the Linzer Nibelungenbrücke. Like crowned royalty of yore, they dine on high protein, rocket-high sodium, warm bread and mustard; on Leberkäs, Pustalaibchen, Käsekrainer washed down with a cold blue can of Puntigamer lager. As the festivals festivities fade fondly from the days’s memory, the conversations yawn to a close, they wander homewards to catch some winks to recharge for the next day of festival.

Wherever you are today and whenever you may have sat or stood somewhere, late late late at night, in Linz. This work is for you, this work invites you use our AR gadgets to place a Würstlstand (sausage stand) in your town, or place a Leberkas Semmel on your plate at home. Share a post and write a short memory of a day (or night) at an Ars Electronica Festival.


The video at the top of page explains how to use

There's two options, native or as a filter:


The files below will run natively on your device, if and only if, your device is AR capable. Tap on the download links below for your phone or tablet and your device may allow you to view as an object or as AR. If you choose AR, you can position the object in your reality and take a picture. Post that picture with your memory. If this doesn't work, then bug someone who has a later device to let you use it.


Again, if your device is capable, you can access some of these items as Instagram or Facebook filters.

When sharing on social media, use the following hashtags, depending which object you choose to go with.

Any of these attribution hashtags:


#arselectronica20 #AEGardenMelbourne

also feel free to @oribotic, I'd love to see your post.

This piece was made for Ars Electronica Festival 2020, and is provided as is, not warranted for any purpose whatsoever, use at your own risk. Modelled in Blender, the fantastic open source 3D software!

The 3D models on this page are shared under a Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

For #arselectronica20 works, attribution may be fulfilled by using one of the hashtags listed above. For any other purpose, please link to this page or use @oribotic for attribution. Thank you!

Ars Electronica Garden


das ist wurstlstand

A destination late night ars electronica travellers go to on the way home!

'das ist wurstlstand' Native file downloads:

der original, der cleaner hans

Pure santized and washed up homage to keeping your hans warmer than ever!

'der original, der cleaner hans' Native file downloads:

Nibelungen Beer

Bier for intelligent kunstlers, not for kunstliches intelligence!

'Nibelungen Beer' Native file downloads:

  • File for iOS USDZ file 1.8MB
  • File for 3D import GLB file 2MB
  • This gadget is not allowable on instagram as it depicts alcohol (Maybe I should make a new version called Nibelungen Cheer)

oa leberkassemml

Food of the leberkase gods!

'Leberkäs Semmel' Native file downloads:

jojo oida, käsekrainer

The cheesy sodium packed delight fit for imperials (and I don't mean Darth Vader)

'jojo oida, käsekrainer' Native file downloads:

We acknowledge the Wuthaurong people on whose lands we live and work. Sovereignty was never ceded and we pay our respect to past, present, and future Aboriginal elders and community, and to their long and rich history of artmaking on this Country.